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African Spirits I & II, by Ricardo Chávez-Méndez 



TCS 30-Hour Vigil July 3rd 

Over 50 persons showed up throughout the vigil and about 10 dedicated activists slept on the ground outside the slaughterhouses in solidarity with the cows who would violently have their lives taken from them over the course of the 30 hours. Leafleting was done at the nearby McDonalds, as well as on the street corner of the two slaughterhouses and many people were receptive to our message. Delicious vegan food was distributed to anyone who wanted, including the workers of the slaughterhouses and some of the drivers of the transport trucks. 

The cows in the trucks were filthy and very scared with wide eyes. They would trip over each other in a panic. With some trucks, we only had seconds to tell them how much we loved them, and with others we had enough time to gently whisper to them, and to softly rub their noses with our fingers..Tragically, each one was horrifically slaughtered, and forced to watch their friends die before them. Many would still have been conscious as their throats were slit and even as they were skinned and dismembered. 

No death can be peaceful when the person being killed does not want to die. They fight for their lives; they try and escape the trucks, they toss their heads away from the “stun” gun, and they kick as they are dragged by their hind legs down the kill line. The only way to know that you are not contributing to such incredible cruelty is to choose veganism

Learn about Toronto Cow Save and join our vigils!

Photo credit to Agnes Cseke, Anita Krajnc, and Hannah Gregus.

This ruins my entire life.


"True peace is not merely the absence of tension, it is the presence of justice."


"True peace is not merely the absence of tension, it is the presence of justice."